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Affiliate Marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money without having a product or service.
The Affiliate Marketing is a branch of online marketing that is based on the achievement of certain results or actions.

Affiliates (companies, websites, …) are in charge of advertising to merchants (stores, advertisers, service providers) by publishing their advertisements or promotions. These affiliates obtain a commission when the user enters their website and performs a certain action (for example, clicking on a banner, registering or buying).

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This type of marketing differs especially in the cost perceived by the company. Cost per action (CPA) allows the advertiser to pay only for each of the users who perform the determined action and not per campaign.

Affiliate marketing emerges as an extremely interesting alternative for people who want to work with Internet sales, as well as being a great tool for producers who want to increase the dissemination of their products online.

The affiliate acts as an intermediary who advertises the product or service and gets buyers from the original seller. That is why the seller gives a commission to the intermediary thus becoming an affiliate of the seller.

Affiliate Marketing can be said that this model involves three parties:

1- An advertiser (owner of a brand-product-service)
2- An affiliate (administrator of a website, fanpage or blog that joins a brand or product to promote it and earn a commission for it.)
3- A platform through which the supply of «advertising space» meets the demand.-

How is the dynamics of the Monetization System?
When you join an Affiliate program and choose what you want to sponsor, the merchant will provide you with a «unique affiliate code» that you must use to refer your followers to the product.

In turn, this code will be used to track the conversions that are made through your affiliate ID.
You can also use it to control your commissions and performance. In other words, to keep it simple, they give you a Link that you will use to refer customers to your site; Every time someone uses that link to enter your site, it will be recorded that that client belongs to you. . Simple as that!

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